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Monthly Archives: October 2008

have i got two essays due for uni very soon that i have not started yet? Yes (Philosophy of Art i’m looking at you)

have i got friends who i am well overdue giving a call and having a chat? Yes (sorry Kami)

have i got a wife who i should be paying more attention to? Of course.

have i got a blog for my son which i haven’t updated in waaay too long? uh huh.

have i got a million other constructive things i could/should be doing? Always.

etc etc etc.

so of course i am doing the only logical thing and wasting time starting another blog (lord knows i update this one with such regularity and insightful content).

i was going to talk about how lately i’ve been thinking about the way computers are replacing human memory these days but i can’t be bothered. the new blog is a place where i plan to intermittently upload various images (mostly found, some by me) that are lurking around taking up space on various hard-drives.


via some long lost late night web surfing expedition