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Monthly Archives: February 2008

We Are Ugly But… We Have the Music

by Las Comadrejas


M&M’s of course.

Red versus Yellow 

The classic ones are chocolate coated in a candy shell. They are small and melt in your hand. The peanut ones also have chocolate in a candy shell but additionally they also have a peanut inside which adds another element to the overall taste sensation. And besides, regarding the cartoon characters used to promote said candy, Red comes off as a smart-arse little shit while yellow is just a big goofball. for some reason i find the dopey yellow character much more endearing than the red one.

Winner: Yellow (peanut).

yes, i need to get out more.

versus continues.

Mary Kostakidis vs. Sandra Sully

No contest really; Mary wins in every conceivable category i can think of.
Winner: Mary Kostakidis

Yes, i am a nerd.

an idea for a possible new regular feature on this here blog (yes i know it isn’t a new idea). will see if ever get around to any follow up entries. think of it as an unorganized, fluid, happen-stance guide to cool – or at least what i think is cool. if you have an opinion voice it in the comments or wait until i see you (the 3 people who read this thing know who they are…).

so to kick of…

chris corsano solo improv gig vs. big day out

intimate solo improv set from extraordinary drummer with drum kit, bows, contact mics, sticky tape, metal bowls etc etc etc at the Jade Monkey  OR expensive tickets to stand around drinking shitty overpriced beer, standing in half-inch deep piss in the toilets surrounded by hordes of people half my age watching Rage Against The Machine (irony is wasted on some people).

winner: corsano gig by a long shot.

note: yes i know i didn’t go to the BDO but am i wrong?? and yes, i could very well be an old fart – but i stand by my call on this one.

if i could think of something more intelligent and insightful to say other than “it was fucking great” about the Chris Corsano solo improv set at the Jade Monkey the other night i would. But for today my brain does not want to comply so i will leave it at – if you weren’t there, your loss.