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via some long lost late night web surfing expedition


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for your edification and ongoing education todays post refers to a little bit of punk / hardcore history

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Daniel Mensche @ The Jade Monkey, Adelaide. 3 April 2008.

i’m feeling too inarticulate today to write a review but it was a good gig.

as found at Adelaide Uni…

good to see the standard of political debate at the uni has been maintained of late


in case you can’t make out the text it reads as follows:

pen1: Coalition policies on social justice and the environment [downwards pointing arrow] Please take one

pen2: now wipe your arse to see the Rudd policy

pen3: not worth the paper they’re written on?


the faded bit of the above reads “and play dress-ups with the trotskyites”




so the end of another year rolls into sight and 2007 has seen some dramatic highs and lows around these parts. there are a million and one bloggers out there doing end of year best of lists but i ain’t one of them.

suffice to say the highlight of my year was the birth of my son – nothing else comes even remotely close.

anyway get some xmas cheer into yrself and enjoy the festivities.



a quote (the final sentence) from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle

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