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age 14, 12 and 10. bloody hell.

with the fabulous Nina Hagen of course…

kind of…

the new (and first) Diensbote CD is now out in the world.

available from Jazz From Hell Records – PO Box 278 Edwardstown SA 5039 or ask me direct and i can sort you out with a copy for a reasonable price.

Diensbote is a Kami / Michael collaborative effort – 4 tracks of experimental noise.

reviews welcome (hint hint to the couple of people who have already heard the thing).

we are all such a crush of want

from Today’s Lesson by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

listening to Motherless Child as performed by The Drones and misheard the line as

your sister will do but ya momma is better


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Gloria Daniel, Brown’s former mistress, on his paranoia and drug use:

To be fair, Mr. Brown did, on occasion, lapse into utter lunacy. He was terribly paranoid, convinced the government had bugged the armoire in the den, placed tiny cameras in the curtains, pointed satellites through his window, even wired up the yard. “See them trees,” he’d say when the wind blew and the branches swayed. “That’s them. They watching me.” And he would occasionally flat out lose his mind. “Motherfucker was crazy,” says Gloria Daniel, a girlfriend he kept on the side for forty years. “It was the drugs.”

Mr. Brown smoked his drugs—PCP, until that got hard to find, then cocaine—mixed with tobacco from his Kools. “You sitting there rolling tobacco out of a cigarette—that’s a woman’s job—and you sitting there naked so he can look at you ’cause he getting ready to fuck you,” she says. “Yeah, right.” She rolls her eyes. The drugs, to say nothing of the diabetes and the prostate cancer, made him impotent. “He tried like hell, though,” she says. “He’d wear you out. That man died trying to come.”

One night in the summer of 2001, after he’d slathered her in Vaseline (“He liked you all greased up,” she says. “Like a porkchop”) and wore her out trying to come, he gave up and left the room, and Gloria dozed off. When she woke up, Mr. Brown was standing at the foot of the bed in a full-length mink coat over his bare chest, a black cowboy hat, and silk pajama pants with one leg tucked into a cowboy boot and the other hanging out. He had a shotgun over his shoulder and a white stripe of Noxzema under each eye. “I’m an Indian tonight, baby,” he announced. “C’mon, let’s let ’em have it.” Then he dumped a pickle jar of change on the floor, told her to get a machete, and went out to the garage. He took the Rolls, drove ten miles to Augusta, weaving all over the road, clipping mailboxes, smoking more dope, and screaming about being an Indian. Gloria kept thinking she should flag down a cop, say she’d been kidnapped.

Like she says, motherfucker was crazy on drugs.

from []

“if you give your woman
what she wants
when she wants it
how she wants it
where she wants it
everytime she thinks she wants it
you won’t ever have to worry about anything”

from Take Me (Just As I Am) 


Daniel Mensche @ The Jade Monkey, Adelaide. 3 April 2008.

i’m feeling too inarticulate today to write a review but it was a good gig.