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with the fabulous Nina Hagen of course…


trying something out

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kind of…

the new (and first) Diensbote CD is now out in the world.

available from Jazz From Hell Records – PO Box 278 Edwardstown SA 5039 or ask me direct and i can sort you out with a copy for a reasonable price.

Diensbote is a Kami / Michael collaborative effort – 4 tracks of experimental noise.

reviews welcome (hint hint to the couple of people who have already heard the thing).

we are all such a crush of want

from Today’s Lesson by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

birthday present sent to me from Father-in-law in Perth.

turn it upside down and the clothes “magically” disappear.

very tasteful.

listening to Motherless Child as performed by The Drones and misheard the line as

your sister will do but ya momma is better


also of course

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