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over at Coilhouse they have their Top 10 Most Preternaturally Beautiful Men

as they say:

“READERSHIP ADVISORY: The following post contains very subjective opinion, frivolity, and the shameless sexual objectification of highly respectable people. In other words, we are about to go totally alt-Cosmo on your ass. You have been warned.


There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. – Sir Francis Bacon


Preternatural means out of the ordinary course of nature; exceptional or abnormal. That which appears outside or beyond the natural. Extremity – an ordinary phenomenon taken beyond the natural.”

and really i can’t argue with their choices.

maybe i could do a version of this list with females… who would i include, hmmmmm, PJ Harvey (of course), Bjork… this bears more thinking about (in the name of research of course.)


One Comment

  1. i may have to help you with this research. shall we start at the wheaty?

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