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Painting a strange political picture

By Michael Madigan

November 08, 2007 12:00am

Article from: The Courier-Mail

A PARTY contesting the federal election believes a painting hanging in the National Gallery is undermining our collective ability to think straight.

The Citizens Electoral Council, with a 16-strong team in Queensland, endorses a pamphlet called Children of Satan III: The Sexual Congress For Cultural Fascism.

The pamphlet alleges the “Congress for Cultural Freedom” was a CIA-backed group which sponsored modern art to undermine “the population’s ability to think”.

“One notorious example of this cultural warfare was the Australian Association for Cultural Freedom’s support for the psychotic Blue Poles painting in the National Gallery of Australia by Jackson Pollock,” it says.

The CEC is one of a host of fringe parties which has appeared in the past century.

We’ve had the Communist Party, The Non-Communist Party, Christians and Confederates, Shooters and a “Deadly Serious” party.

Before Family First, there was Family Action; before the Nationals there was Farmers and Settlers.

The most intriguing party which emerged a few years ago was the Vote Informal Party Today – Direct Democracy Tomorrow Party.


hmmm, we have a large reproduction print of a Pollock painting in our lounge room and a couple of Rothko repro prints in the hallway…

clearly, we’re going to either lose our minds or go to hell.

wish i could find a copy of the said pamphlet, sounds like a fascinating read – i also like the fact that it is number III, what is in the previous two??


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